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CHEFLY Pasta Ravioli Maker Set All in one 9 Thickness Settings for Fresh Homemade Fettuccine Spaghetti Lasagne Dough Roller Press Cutter Noodle Making Machine P1802



These Tips Will Help You !!!!
1. How to keep fresh pasta from sticking when pressing and cutting?

The trick is getting it to the right elasticity and dryness/moisture level. Making pasta is really easy once you get the hang of it, and it's delicious. If you have the stickiness problems,just try the below methods.
① More flour is going to be needed to reduce the stickiness. Try to make the original dough with more proportion of flour, which will lower the moisture content of the entire dough.
②Sprinkle the dough with a dusting of flour just before passing it through.
③ Be sure to dry out cutter and roller if you can.The cutters themselves might have a build up of oil and moisture now.
④ Cut the pasta or noodles immediately after kneading the dough.The longer the dough was resting, the more gluten was forming, and preventing the pasta from cleanly cutting through the rollers.

2.How to set and adjust the dial?

①Why is it so hard to rotate the dial knob? --- Don't forget to ""Pull the knob"" then rotate it. There are nine holes on the inner surface of knob and one bulge opposite to nine holes, This bulge will be inserted into one hole to hold the setting.
②How to choose dial to make pasta or ravioli? --- Dial 1-5 are better for pasta (thicker sheets), Dial 6-9 are better for ravioli (thinner sheets)


Wipe the machine with a dry and soft cloth.Let it air dry for one hour.Clean out debris using a cleaning brush,or running a basic dough through the appliance until removed.
When first use,Roll a piece of dough on the machine to clean the machine utterly.

5.What will you get?

1 x Dough Machine Body
1 x Pasta Machine Body
1 x Ravioli Machine Body
1 x Ravioli Dough Cutter
1 X Hand Crank
1 X Fixing Clips
45 Days Money Back & 365 Days Replacement!!!(You have enough time to test the product^ ^)




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