Philips AC3259/60 Series 3000i C...

Philips AC3259/60 Series 3000i Connected Air Purifier with Real Time Air Quality Feedback, Anti-Allergen, Reduces Odours and Gases, HEPA and Active Carbon Filters, 60 W



The Philips 3000i Air Purifier uses cutting edge technology to reduce allergens, gases and odours and even certain bacterias using pre-filter and HEPA filters to remove particles in the air.The filter system has multiple stages that captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns which contain common bacterias and allergens.An app lets you connect to the Philips air purifier and control the air via your smartphone and also includes information and advice.Using AeraSense technology to monitor the air in the room it can automatically make adjustments changing the fan speed when particles are detected.The quality of the air is displayed on the top of the Philips air Purifier as a number and a coloured ring.The Series 3000i Air Purifier has three automatic purification settings - general, extra-sensitive allergen and extra-powerful bacteria and five manual speed modes - from 'sleep' through to 'turbo speed'.Suitable for a large room size of 95 m2. Ideal for sufferers of hayfever, asthma and dust mite allergies.




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