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Wireless Home Security Smart Burglar Alarm Kit Pet Friendly DIY Kit No Wires Touch Panel Control From Free Smart App WiFi Interface



The Cürv Wireless Home Alarm allows you to remotely control your home ensuring the things you care about are protected. Our Cürv Alarm app sends you alerts when any detector has been triggered and also when the Cürv Alarm has been armed or disarmed, giving you peace of mind to know when your loved ones are home safely. Included Everything you'll get with your purchase... 1 x Smart Dual Network Control Panel 1 x Wireless Indoor Alarm Siren 1 x Wireless Solar External Siren 2 x Wireless Door/Window Contacts 4 x Wireless Pet Sensitive PIR 4 x Remotes with Panic Alarm 4 x Arm and Disarm Tag & All batteries Cürv Wireless Home Security Alarm Kit Motion Detecting Alarm with No Wires, No Hassle The Cürv Home Security Alarm puts your home in your hands. It can be used to protect your home at the press of a button, the wireless installation makes setting up the kit easy and simple. Get notifications to your smartphone when motion is detected, so you know when your loved ones are at home safe and sound. Disarm at the Control Panel by RFID, Remote Control, Smartphone app or input a code Free Smartphone App to arm, disarm your system remotely even when you're not at home Get Push notifications sent to your phone for any alerts, Pet Friendly PIR Motion Sensor Solar Powered External Siren & Indoor Wireless Siren Pet-Friendly PIR Motion Sensor The Pet-Friendly PIR motion sensors allow your furry friends to roam around your home without triggering the sensors. Secure Your Home From Anywhere The free Curv Alarm application allows you to pair the accessories to your system and also arm/disarm without being home. RFID Contactless Tag The Contactless RFID Tag allows you to quickly disarm your system in a hurry. Perfect for when you have your hands full. Indoor Wireless Strobe Siren The internal strobe siren when triggered will shock an unwanted intruders, shocking them into exiting the property. SMS Text Alerts Using the SMS text




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